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Please Stop the Balloon Pollution

Each year we walk our beautiful trails throughout the Center, and each year we find garbage. For us, it is usually old garbage - bullet shells, 70's pop/beer cans and bottles, tires, metal, rubber, etc. We hold numerous work days to clean up the big areas, but there is still plenty outside of these areas.

Our BIGGEST new garbage issues come from people throwing trash along the road frontage, and these gosh darn balloons.

These pictures are just from 2019, AND this is not all of them. A couple of times we were without a camera to get the picture. The worst was a whole group of 6 mylar balloons in a bunch.

Balloons can get tangled in power lines, wildlife can try eating them, they have numerous dangerous chemicals associated with them, there is an ongoing helium shortage now, basically there is hardly anything good with balloons. If you want to use them, buy the ones you fill up with your own breath, and then make sure that they go in the garbage afterwards.

In closing...

What goes up, must come down. Please remember this and be respectful of your fellow human and our glorious natural settings that we have.

You can read more here.

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