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Work Day #1 for 2019

The one and only work day for 2019 came and went fast! It was cut a little short by a potential thunderstorm that never came to fruition, but it was nonetheless fruitful in its outcome.

Those present were:

--Chris Holewinski

--Tim Pence Sr.

--Jeff Bosworth

--Al Ormond

--Rick LeFeber

--Lynn LeFeber

--Dan Martonis

We cleaned up a whole hillside of garbage. This was a farmer's old dumping ground. It appears that they would back up a truck or bring a loader filled with garbage, and just dump it down the hillside. This likely occurred throughout the late 70's and well into the 80's. It also means that some of the dumping areas are hard to clean because they are half buried or have trees growing through the garbage. We did our best to clean up the hillside though! A ton of trash was collected...not quite literally, but close.


Al Ormond got a full trailer load of metal that has been piled up from our previous work days, and Lynn got to plant some much needed milkweed for the butterflies (more to come on that...).

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