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And the New Trail is Here!!!!!!

This is our first BIG project that came out of the endowment. It is a 2,200ft long path that winds through the heart of the Center. It was built by the same group that does the beautiful paths around many nature centers in WNY, including Allegany State Park; these guys:

Here are some pictures of it being built. These are all credited to Greg Snow, TCA's Business Manager.

And here is the finished product, again with the pictures being credited to Greg Snow, TCA's Business Manager.

Pictures do not do this justice, it is a sight to behold! With that being said, we are unfortunately still closed to the public for 2022. This is still due to our on-going trail work. In fact, we have some big machines coming in real soon to upgrade all of our main trails. So, while it's still a wait to get out there, it will be worth it once all is done.

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