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Work Day #1 for 2018

The first, and possibly only, Work Day for 2018 has come and gone...and it was FANTASTIC!!! The turnout was tremendous and they all worked their heart outs. At this time the Center would like to thank all the volunteers who turned out for this Work Day:

-Marty Bentley

-Jeff Bosworth

-Randy Brown

-Jeff Cloutier

-Lynn LeFeber

-Rick LeFeber

-Randy Marsh

-Derek Marsh

-Dan Martonis

-Al Ormond

-Jason Opferbeck

-Jason Opferbeck Jr.

-Derek Opferbeck

-Carol Philp

We got so much done. The old pool is properly fenced in, the leftover beaver stumps are mostly gone, the fragmites has been cut down, the cement pads have been cleared up, over 20 tires were pulled out from the pool, the pool was drained to see what was in it and to see how we can (maybe) break it, trash was cleaned up, and more.

This was truly a good showing from a lot of volunteers who got a lot done in four hours!!

Thank you volunteers, for all your hard work!!!!!!

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