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Maintenance Update

It's been awhile since we've posted here. A lot has been going on and also a lot has stopped due to the pandemic. Now that things are starting pick up again, we wanted to give you all an update on what the Center has been doing. Our latest project is updating the trail system so that it is flat, dry, and easily walkable, as well as having an initial parking lot. Here are some pictures of this:

This will be one of two parking areas. The current plan is to use this one as a staging area for when we hold programs or special events.

It's hard to tell the size of these, but they are actually pretty massive. They are 4 feet wide. We had to replace the old 3 feet wide ones because we appear to now be getting 100-year floods every year. Twice last year the old culverts could not handle the water. The water would go onto the trail and eat away at the sides. The hope is that these are big enough to handle future storms.

Proper ditching is paramount to keeping the trails dry!

Here is some nice, mostly finished, work.

Here are some old obstacles that we have to watch out for. Some of this area was developed with storm sewers and culverts from the old subdivision. This happened in the 1970's, which means that a lot of the infrastructure is now all rusted and buried. We have to take care where we dig.

And finally, you can't create a good trail system if you don't have the right tools! Don't mind the grandkid, he LOVES excavators!

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