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Rock Balancing

This subject has always intrigued me. I've seen pictures of huge rocks precariously balanced on top of much smaller ones and numerous rocks balancing on each other. All of them looking like there's either a trick involved or we truly are living amongst aliens.

So I finally decided to try this out for myself...

First step: YouTube

It's not the best video out there but most of the other ones were just videos of people showing off their balancing but not actually telling you how they did it. This guy does.


Second step: Give it a try...

First Attempt
First Attempt other side

Not bad aye? I had to get the other side as well, just to prove that I did it.


Third Step: Try different styles and bigger rocks!

On a small cairn

Fancy stylized Google photo of mine. This one is still small but it is standing on a small cairn.

Getting fancier
Nice and fancy

Getting a little bigger with the rock balancing on two others.

Now we're talkin'
That looks alien

And then there's this one!! That is actually a fairly big sized rock. Probably about 25-30lbs. The second picture gives it that alien look. I also like the animal hole in the creek bank above it. I could imagine the critter coming out of the hole and wondering what the heck is going on. Reminds me of the Monolith scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Sadly we heard the rock fall as we rounded a bend downstream.

Once I did get two rocks balancing upright on each other but they fell before the picture could be taken...I swear.



Rock balancing is RELAXING! Yes, you heard that right. I found it to be extremely relaxing almost to a meditative state...maybe even there, I don't know because I don't meditate.

Find a nice area to sit, hopefully with no bugs around, and then find your 3 points of contact and then just feel the rock click into place and stand there. You'll be amazed.

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