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Work Day #2 for 2017

Work Day #2 is now in the books for 2017. This was another fabulous day in the woods even if it was just to pick up garbage. Man, we got A LOT done this day. It was hot and brutal but those who came really worked hard! We cleaned up a lot of the farmer's dump down the hillside (not to be confused with the farmer's dump behind the Firefly House...there have been multiple farmers here). Many tires were winched up the hill as well as 55-gallon drums and 17, yes 17, batteries. A HUGE thanks goes out to:

-Rick Lefeber

-Lynn Lefeber

-Daniel Martonis

-Jeff Cloutier

-Andrew Hvizdzak

-Derek Marsh

-Tim Pence Sr.

There wasn't many of us but we doubled the pile from Work Day #1. Not bad, not bad at all.

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